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The Demo
geolizr contains a lot of widgets from which 3 are demonstrated here:

The Notification Widget & The Popup Widget
The Notification or Popup Widget allows you to display country specific notifications or Popups that are displayed on the top of your store or float about your content.
You can add text and an optional link, the font and colors can be customized and the bar itself is responsive to make sure that it works for mobile devices as well.

The Currency Widget
The Currency Widget allows you to automatically convert all prices to match your visitor's location.
Rates are updated twice a day and the formatting can be changed on a per currency base (including rounded values).

On top of that you can include a highly customizable currency switcher. Font, colors and position can be configured in geolizr.
Please note that this demo will always override the currency selection whereas in a production environment the manually selected currency is priorised.

The Redirect Widget
The Redirect Widget allows you to instantly redirect visitors to a specific domain or url based on their location.
The other Store can be a other system like wordpress or something else.
You can filter the Redirect action with white- or blacklists. Here an example for a whitelist redirect from this URL: /pages/redirect-starts you will be redirect to this URL "/pages/redirect-finish".

The Redirect Widget for FR
Eine Besonderheit vom Redirect widget ist es, dass es auf die Übersetzungen umleiten kann. Um die Funktion hier zeigen zu können, wird der Parameter ?geolizr_country=fr angehangen, das ein Request aus Frankreich simuliert.
Aus dem Grund wird das Redirect widget im oberen Beispiel für Kunden aus FR auf die entsprechende sprache umgeleitet.
Here an example for a language Redirect URL: /pages/redirect-starts you will be redirect to this URL "/fr/pages/redirect-starts?geolizr_country=fr".

Other Widgets
Widgets not demonstrated here are:
- API Widget: allows you to implement your very own JavaScript based geo targeting solutions (API docs)

Test the widgets
By selecting one of the countries from select box you can see what this site would look like for a customer visiting this site from the selected country (changing the country via the select box will simulate a visit using an IP that is in the IP range of the corresponding county)